Describe a railway station

However a number of cities, especially in continental Europe, have a terminus as their main railway stations, and all main lines converge on this station.

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People move here and there checking up time of the arrival and departure of train. United Kingdom In the United Kingdom, the interchangeable terms set and unit are used to refer to a group of permanently or semi-permanently coupled vehicles, such as those of a multiple unit.

Some had to give their charge to their colleagues, while several had to take charge for another journey. I was standing very close to his compartment. The station was demolished in as the Liverpool terminal station moved to Lime Street railway station. The ticket collector is at the gate.

Some are going up and down the platform. People were rushing here and there. Then we came out of the station and left for our home.

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A refuge track is a dead-end siding that is connected to a station track as a temporary storage of a disabled train. When they fail to get any seat inside, they catch hold of the handle outside some carriage and stand at the footboard.

The other arrangement, where the station entrance and platforms are on the same level, is also common, but is perhaps rarer in urban areasexcept when the station is a terminus. Actives of the Staff: Some of them are sitting on the benches. Terminal station one of six in Paris.

Conclusion The railway station wears a deserted appearance when all the trains have left. These scenes were very touching. Terminals that have competing rail lines using the station frequently set up a jointly owned terminal railroad to own and operate the station and its associated tracks and switching operations.

A passenger train may consist of one or several locomotives, and one or more coaches. Some policemen were on duty to maintain order. A few traffic policemen were standing here to assist the incoming and out going vehicles.

There are offices where parcels and goods are booked and delivered. Crown Street station was converted to a goods station terminal. Many stations have things such as sheltersticket sales and benches. When the train arrives, all are anxious to get and occupy a seat.

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Baker Street stationLondon, opened inwas the world's first station to be completely underground. I purchased a railway ticket for my elder brother and a platform ticket for myself.

For many the parting is tearful. After better counsels take place the in-going passengers make way for the out-going ones and let them pass. Trains stop only on request. Station configurations[ edit ] In addition to the basic configuration of a station, various features set certain types of station apart.

People who come to receive their kith and kin have a happy smiling face. Some stalls were selling light refreshments, while others sold the latest books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Last Sunday, I happened to go to the railway station to receive my brother who was coming from Mumbai.

The railway station wears a deserted appearance when all the trains have left. Then there is a lull for some time. At train-time the station begin to hum with life again.

Descriptive writing: busy and empty train station Here I am again.

485 words sample essay on Scene at a Railway Station

The same too small, compact cattle truck. The same horde of half awake, half dead creatures in ties and rough jacket arm in my face as its wearer reads a 'daily times' that needed a small rainforest to construct.

A Scene at A Railway Station: Travelling by trains is very cheap and comfortable so a railways station is a place full of great hustle and bustle. Here we come across people form different parts of the country in different fashions and colors.

Feb 20,  · The historic train station was a landmark to the city. The bustling train station, known for its grand architecture and the history inscribed in its walls The old, decayed train stationStatus: Resolved.

The train had arrived, and had cleared the way. The mist fled in its presence, spiralling away from its gleaming structure, away from the station, away from the figure and off into the night.

Now that the air was clear, time started to flow again, the figure rose and strutted towards the train, into the light and disappeared inside. A railway station is a place where trains arrive and leave. Hence it is a very important place in every city.

One can find here a cross-section of people. People belonging to all castes, creeds and religions can be seen here. This place is full of hustle and bustle. It is accessible to both the rich.

Describe a railway station
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